Downloadable pack - 80 MB

• 397 x 24 bit oneshot wav samples
The wav files will open in any sampler that can load 24 bit wav files.
• 130 x Rex loops
• Guru - 16 x Kits and 14 Bundles

All sounds in the demos are from this pack

Analog AutoRhythms Vol 1

The first electronic drum machines were analog preset machines. They were designed to be electronic drummers... They almost never sounded realistic but this has made them very appealing to electronic musicians!!

Analog AutoRhythms Vol 1 is a collection of 8 of these vintage drum machines. An eclectic mix of rare, bizarre and famous instruments... Roland TR330, Eko Ritmo 12, Rythm80, Olson X100, Conn Rhapsody, Korg Rhytm 55B, Electro Harmonix DRM 15/16/32, Univox Micro Rythmer, Hohner Rhythm 80. Click to check out the photo gallery for these drum samplers

Multiple samples of each drum sound give this product the ability to sound more "analog" than just one sample per drum (This can be achieved by using round robin layering). Plus you get a selection of the original beats in Rex format.

Looking for some interesting analog drums... Some retro lounge beats... Unique electronic auto rhythms... Or maybe you just want to Rumba!

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A back-up CD can be sent for a small extra fee

16 bit MPC users: All the samples in this product are 24 bit. You will need to convert them to 16 bit to use them in your MPC. This can be done using an audio batch converter.

Rex files can be used in programs like: Geist, Guru, Maschine, Logic, Cubase, Phatmatic Pro, Dr Rex, Ableton Live, Pro Tools...

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